We provide consultancy services in all aspects of Architecture from inception to implementation, as design architects to architects of record. Architects Studio keeps a high level of services and commitment thru a thorough evaluation on every project. The past and in-hand projects illustrate our wide range of involvement in the built environment. Our partnerships with other consultants allow ASL to provide package deals in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design and Interior Design.

ASL’s Architectural objectives are to provide memorable buildings that:

– bring added value to the client

– respond and contribute to context and impart a sense of place – “genius loci”

– are sustainable and fit for the intended purpose


– Member of the Professional Architects Council of Mauritius
– Member of the Mauritius Association of Architects
– Member of the South African Institute of Architects
– Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
– Member of the Green Building Council of Mauritius


Didier DOVE
B. Arch University of Natal
Registered Architect at Professional Architects Mauritius(PAC)
Member of South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)

Pierre Yves SERRET

B.Arch University of Cape Town
Registered Architect at Professional Architects Mauritius(PAC)
Member of South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)


Brendan KERR
Chandrasekar DEELJORE (Anooj)
Marc-Philippe BIGAIGNON
Yannick PETITE

At Architects Studio, we firmly believe in strategic partnerships in view of leveraging “savoir faire”. Our strategic partners rank amongst the regional and international best.

Architects’ Studio is the first and only Architectural Firm in Mauritius to be ISO 9001 Certified. We obtained our first certification in 2008 with AJA Registrars & were re-certified in 2017. Our Certification No. is AJA/MU/6752.

The Corporate Vision & Ultimate goal of Top Management is to  focus all of its efforts in order to remain the  one  &  only – “Third  Way  Architectural  Organisation.”

As creativity and innovation are the foundation of our work, we have invested massively in creative talents, innovative structures and design processes to unleash the former.

Our present human resources structure and capability achieved since our incorporation not only enable us to handle large projects but also give us the flexibility to integrate new projects within short notice.